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Image by Patrizia Berta
IFO was born in 2008  as a Swiss Independent Asset Manager Company with operational Headquarters in Lugano. 

IFO SA, adheres to the rules dictated by the Federal Supervisory Authority for Financial Markets (FINMA), and on the 29th of December  2022 has been authorized by FINMA to the exercise of the activity of Asset management and Consultancy for private and professional  clients. 

The company is also associated to the Supervisory body (AOOS ) recognized by FINMA. Duty of AOOS  is to supervise the correct application of the the new  LSerFi and LIsFi laws instituted by the Swiss Parliament on June 2018, as well the due diligence obligations and conduct with regard to the anti-money laundering, as established by the respective Federal Law.

All activities are carried out directly in Switzerland: as a result Swiss law governs the legal relationship between the Principal and Representative. 
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