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We operate in the Asset Management, Administration and Financial Consultancy sector, for both private and institutional customers.

Our portfolio consists of more than 200 clients, characterized by a high retention rate.

In many cases  we are dealing with the third generation of a family.

We manage and administer the assets of private customers on the basis of a power of attorney, provided by the customer to the management company, that is limited exclusively to management and administrative activities. 

Wealth Management
Family Office
Wealth Management


  • discretionary tailor-made portfolio management

  • preservation of the client's assets and wealth

  • expectations and goals of the client are our starting point

  •  we take into account not only the risk appetite but also the client's knowledge of  financial instruments

  • The performance of the portfolio is followed and shared by the entire management team to assess the results and the critical issues.

  • we operate independently with no exclusivity constrains with any Bank or third party financial intermediary

Citazioni di Borsa
incontro d'affari
  • one- on - one consulting with client
  • advise on investments in line with the client profile
  • back test on sample investments
  • trading intra-day
Family Office
  • Selected  network of external professionals able to meet the needs of the client

  • Generational Transfers

  • Clients relocation in Switzerland

  • M&A

  • Organizations of companies and production sites on the Swiss territory

  • Set up of Trust Funds and Foundations

  • Alternative  investments (luxury goods, jewelry, watches, art, antiques, luxury travel...)

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