Asset Management

Management is based on a personal relationship with our customers, with whom targeted investment solutions are identified.

The expectations and goals of the client regarding his heritage are our starting point.

After carefully evaluating the financial situation, we define the best asset allocation possible: we take into account not only the risk appetite but also the client's knowledge of the available financial instruments and therefore of his ability and willingness to adapt to fluctuations in quotations.

The time horizon of investments, the taxation of the country of origin and other variables suggested by the individual balance sheets are also taken into consideration.

The performance of the portfolio is followed and shared by the entire management team to assess the results and the critical issues.

All this means when we talk about a "tailor made portfolio".


The IFO commissions are:

  • Consultancy mandate: 0,6% per year
  • International bond management mandate: 0,8% per year
  • Conservative management mandate: 1% per year
  • Balanced management mandate: 1,20% per year
  • Flexible management mandate: 1,30% per year
  • International equity management mandate: 1,30% per year

Thanks to our long-standing presence on the territory, we have reached agreements with some prominent depository banks that grant our customers extremely advantageous account conditions.

These conditions vary from institution to institution.

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