About us

IFO, International Family Office, is an asset management company based in Lugano. In 2012, a group of professionals from the Swiss banking joined us.

The IFO portfolio consists of around 200 clients with a high level of loyalty. The client, while maintaining his capital by the Swiss custodian bank, receives personalized management advice by our team of professional managers.

As a Swiss Fiduciary Independent Company, IFO is member of ASG (Associazione Gestori Patrimoniali), and of OAD - ASG, Self-regulatory Organization of ASG. These two associations exercise on the company’s activities, regular controls granting full adherence by management and Board of IFO to a complex rules of conduct, better known as “Code of Ethics”.

IFO is also affiliated to the Self-Regulatory Body (SRD) of the SAAM, which certifies that the members operate according to the rules of the Swiss Code of Ethics, as well as in compliance with the duties of diligence and behavior in matters of anti-money laundering, as established by the relevant Federal Law on Money Laundering (AMLA).


Switzerland has enjoyed in recent years an economic, political and social stability that is unparalleled in Europe.
This set of factors has made the country a safe haven for savers all over the world on the principle of free movement of capital.
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